Pergola awnings

A pergola awning is a traditional pergola featuring a load-bearing frame made of aluminium and covered by a canvas: an incredibly versatile solution that offers great functionality and allows you to make the most of your outdoor spaces while remaining lightweight, and easily movable.

Pergola awnings production and installation

Size and design also have a role to play: we must maintain, and if possible even enhance, the overall harmony and balance of the outdoor area.
Our pergola awnings are designed to fit any setting and can be custom-built.
The cover can be adjusted either manually, through dedicated cranks, or automatically, through a radio remote control.

Pergola awnings and installation

Tondini provides a comprehensive service: we always begin by studying and assessing the available spaces, taking into account the existing decor, and paying attention to every detail without leaving out any aspect.

Lean-to pergola awnings

Lean-to pergola awnings are mounted against a wall.
They represent an excellent solution for terraces or balconies, which, in this way, can be enjoyed all year round, even in the winter.

Self-supporting pergola awnings

Self-supporting pergola awnings do not need any walls to be anchored to because they rest directly on the ground. A completely independent solution that makes it possible to create an outdoor living space completely separate from the house or room it relates to.

Sun shading pergola awnings

Contrary to classic awnings, pergola awnings allow for more comfort besides granting complete freedom of customisation. It is possible to choose between manual or motorised covering systems and materials available in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

Electric retractable awnings

Electric retractable awnings are the easiest solution to operate and manage. The handling system allows adjusting the canopy to the desired height in seconds, providing the perfect balance between shade and sun.

Advantages of pergola awnings

Pergola awnings provide countless advantages beyond their primary functionality – i.e. protecting from the sun and other weather elements, such as rain and wind.

They allow modulating direct or indirect light depending on the sun’s orientation and the desired light intensity, thanks to the adjustable/retractable slats or the foldable canvas.

From a design standpoint, they are the perfect solution for creating cosy, intimate outdoor spaces, making the exterior of buildings fully liveable.

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