Awnings provide shade and shelter from sunlight, enabling you to make the most of any outdoor spaces, such as gardens, terraces, and balconies, and protect your privacy.
We provide solutions that allow you to experience your spaces with the utmost comfort and well-being with durable, lightweight, and designer awnings.
As a result, your terraces and outdoor living spaces will also have new life.

Awnings production and installation

We also handle the installation and provide support and guidance to the customers throughout every step to ensure their maximum satisfaction.

Awnings production and installation

Tondini offers multiple awning models to choose from, ensuring a wide assortment, excellent quality, and durability.

Drop curtains

Drop curtains are ideal for enhancing any room, not least because they can be made from various types of filter fabric.
They are mounted to the wall or ceiling and feature a cloth that unwinds vertically from a roller and can have arms.

Penthouse curtains

Penthouse curtains are designed to rest partially on the ground or the parapet,
providing a very reliable alternative that offers maximum privacy.
Side covers can also be added to these curtains to provide extra shading from all sides.

Canopy awnings

Canopy awnings feature a curved frame which is then covered by the fabric. They are primarily used to cover windows or balconies.
They can be mounted on ceilings, walls and shoulders.

Arm awnings

Arm awnings are probably the most popular They feature a drape that unrolls and stretches along extendable arms anchored to the wall. They allow for adjustable sun shading. They can also come in large sizes.

Sail awnings

Sail awnings are primarily used in gardens or large outdoor spaces because they offer sun shading even over very large areas.
Furthermore, they are highly durable and easily movable, making them perfect even for areas exposed to strong gusts of wind.

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